KRONOS has introduced a new series of visible light photocatalyst compounds called KRONOS vlp 7000, vlp 7001, vlp 7100 and vlp 7101. These new products are designed to achieve maximum degradation of atmospheric pollutants, odors and direct-contact organic compounds in the presence of both visible light and UV radiation. The resulting innocuous materials can be washed away by rain, absorbed by vegetation or blown away by the wind. The light source can be either natural or artificial, and both direct and indirect radiation will achieve the desired effect.

This family of photocatalysts is increasingly being used in a multitude of functional products, ranging from paints, textiles and plastic sheeting to cement finishes or filters. One of the fastest-growing areas is a concrete coating covering motorways or streets, acoustic isolation barriers, tunnels, exterior and interior building surfaces. For more information, e-mail or