Cytec Industries Inc. is increasing prices in North and South America for its waterborne, solventborne, conventional and high-solids urea resins, and specialty additives. The increases will take effect on all shipments on or after October 1, 2007, or as contracts allow.

The increases will apply as follows:
  • US $0.05/lb for MACRYNAL® waterborne dispersions for isocyanate crosslinking, and VIACRYL® waterborne acrylic resins
  • US $0.08/lb for CYMEL®, BECKAMINE®, MELMAC® and UFORMITE® conventional melamine, urea, glycoluril and benzoguanamine resins
  • US $0.10/lb for DAOTAN™ waterborne polyurethane dispersions, DUROXYN™ solventborne and waterborne epoxy ester resins, MACRYNAL® hydroxylated solventborne polyols, PHENODUR® phenolic solventborne and waterborne resins and dispersions, and VIACRYL® solventborne acrylic resins
  • US $0.12/lb for CYMEL® high-solids urea resins
  • US $0.15/lb for BECKOPOX™ amine hardeners for epoxy resins and dispersions, BECKOPOX™ solventborne epoxy resins and waterborne epoxy dispersions, PC DEFOAMERS® additives, RESAMIN® solventborne plasticizing resins, and VIALKYD® 100% solid alkyd resins
  • US $0.20/lb for DUROFTAL™ hydroxylated polyesters.
Also, prices for all ADDITOL® additives, including flow and leveling, defoaming, and wetting and pigment dispersing agents, will increase by 5%.

According to the company, all of the increases are necessary to offset the steadily increasing costs of raw materials, labor, energy and transportation.

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