DuPont CoatingSolutions and American Trim have teamed up to promote an innovative coating technology. American Trim recently took delivery of a physical vapor deposition chamber (PVD) that allows for the processing of a chrome-like finish without the use of hexavalent chrome. The PVD process employs a base powder coating supplied by DuPont, which serves as a protective, functional layer and smoothes out the surface. Therefore, no sanding or buffing is required on rough parts, like castings. The PVD chamber is used to deposit the very thin layer of metal. Parts are then coated with a clear acrylic topcoat for protection of the metal layer and added durability.

The PVD process was primarily designed for decorative finishing in the heavy duty truck and automotive industries, but there is added interest from other markets such as appliances, recreational vehicles, furniture and building products. PVD coating provides a viable alternative to the traditional method of applying chrome and electroplating. In most instances, the result is a less expensive and better performing, chrome look.

American Trim will take advantage of co-branding opportunities with DuPont as a member of its Star CoaterSMprogram.

For more information, call Jeff Schwieterman at American Trim (937-494-6369), or your local DuPont CoatingSolutions representative (800-247-3886), or