The high-speed EPX2050 robot from Motoman is designed to provide versatility and superior performance. The six-axis robot can be used for painting contoured parts such automotive car bodies and plastic component parts, agricultural equipment and aerospace parts. The robot features a Factory Mutual (FM) Class 1, Div. 1 intrinsically safe (explosion-proof) rating for use in hazardous environments. It has a 15 kg (33.1-lb) payload capacity, 2,054 mm (80.9”) reach, and ±0.5 mm (±0.02”) repeatability. The compact, highly flexible robot can be floor-, wall- or ceiling-mounted to provide layout flexibility. The robot is available with a hollow wrist that has a 50 mm (1.97”) diameter. A hollow wrist facilitates the mounting of spray equipment and interference between the hoses and parts/fixtures is avoided, ensuring optimum cycle time and robot reach/access.

The new robot and other EPX-series robots use a NX100-FM controller that features a robust PC architecture, Windows® CE programming pendant, and easy-to-use INFORM III programming language.

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