WARREN, MI – Ecology Coatings Inc., Warren, MI, has entered into a license agreement with German-based BASF Coatings GmbH. Under the terms of the agreement, Ecology Coatings is providing BASF a non-exclusive license for use of four patents. BASF will pay Ecology Coatings royalties based on a percent of the net sales values of products using the patents. Patents included in the agreement are: EP 1 723 180; US 7,323,248; US 7,153,892; and US 7,498,362. The agreement will terminate upon the expiration of the last patent licensed by BASF. 

Patent EP 1 723 180 pertains to a coating for metal objects and can be used on automotive parts and many other industrial articles. The coating is especially useful for metal objects with rubber or plastic parts that would be damaged by heat. 

Patent US 7,323,248 pertains to a coating for fiberglass panels. It applies to a wide variety of panels, especially those used in shopping malls; it is resistant to sunlight, and graffiti can be easily removed. 

Patent US 7,153,892 pertains to a coating for olefin plastics, such as car bumpers. A major benefit of the coating is its ability to adhere without a primer. 

Patent US 7,498,362 pertains to a coating for metal objects. It is very similar to the European patent, but for use in the United States. 

Ecology Coatings Inc. is a leader in the development and licensing of cleantech, UV-curable coatings.