WACKER’s diversity of technologies and broad scope of materials have application in markets and industries such as architectural, masonry and industrial coatings; construction; sealants and adhesives; printing inks; and in packaging, paper and film coatings. Products featured at ACS Booth #201 this year include the following:
  • SILRES® − Silicone resins that combine aesthetics with functionality. They enhance the appearance of structures while introducing water-repellent and vapor-permeable properties, thereby protecting buildings and construction against weathering, chemical attack and structural damage. SILRES is also widely used as a binder for heat- and corrosion-resistant coatings such as chemical industry and marine applications, decorative and functional coatings for stoves and grills and for non-stick cookware.
  • ELASTOSIL® − Silicone rubber sealants and adhesives that meet high specifications for extreme temperatures, weatherability and UV resistance, and have good mechanical properties for weather sealing or as an adhesive having outstanding strength when applied to porous and nonporous substrates.
  • HDK® − Pyrogenic (fumed) silica that is exceptionally pure, has a broad range of hydrophilic and hydrophobic grades and has a wide variety of uses in coatings, printing inks, sealants and adhesives, laminating resins and gel coats. Besides acting as a thixotropic or thickening agent, it improves anti-sag properties in coatings, imparts anti-settling properties, and aids in flow and leveling for uniformity.
  • VINNAPAS® − This WACKER brand consists of three specialized product groups: dispersible polymer powders, dispersions and solid resins. Dispersible polymer powders combine with cement to form an ideal binder system in dry-mix mortars; dispersions act as polymer binders in adhesives, coatings, building applications, nonwovens and textiles; and solid resins open up versatile applications ranging from chewing gum to composites.
  • VINNOL® − Surface coating resins of vinyl chloride-derived copolymers and terpolymers for industrial applications. Used for improving adhesion, flexibility in coating systems and in catalyzed surface coatings systems for baking finishes and varnishes.