CARLSBAD, CA - 3E Company, Carlsbad, CA, a provider of EH&S compliance and information management services, introduced its new supply chain product-compliance practice to help companies navigate the complexities associated with achieving product- and substance-level regulatory compliance while also helping mitigate risk in the supply chain. The practice will offer a range of solutions to support corporate product-compliance initiatives, facilitating transparency and regulatory data management for customers and stakeholders.

Supply chain product compliance has become complex to manage and fulfill, with companies under increasing pressure by both upstream and downstream partners to disclose detailed information about their products and the substances within those products. Supply chain partners now request or require detailed product and substance information, including composition, origin, and regulatory status of both the overall product and its individual components. Obtaining and managing this data has become increasingly cumbersome and time-consuming.

3E Company’s new supply chain practice helps alleviate the burden of these obligations with a powerful combination of content, services and platform. The product-centric risk mitigation and disclosure management provided along the supply chain delivers transparency and compliance assurance to customers and stakeholders alike. A comprehensive approach to supply chain product compliance supports business continuity, enhances process agility, bolsters market access and reduces costs.

The practice’s solution set will bring depth, breadth and foundational strength in the area of supply chain product compliance, built on 3E’s trusted and proven compliance solutions and its product and regulatory data. The supply chain practice leverages the data and functionality of the 3E Online®-MSDS safety data sheet (SDS) management platform as well as the Ariel WebInsight™ online regulatory compliance tool. 3E’s SDS obtainment, classification, SAP® EHS Management (EHSM), SDS authoring and global regulatory support services further enhance the foundation of this new offering. The business will also draw upon the risk management resources and capabilities of Verisk Analytics, 3E Company’s corporate parent, in delivering fully optimized and integrated solutions.