The FrymaKoruma CoBall annular gap bead mill is an inline milling system for manufacturing suspensions and other products of almost any viscosity. With its innovative design, the mill is particularly suitable for superfine grinding of paints and varnishes. Pigmented, water-based formulations, for example, are widespread in the automotive, construction, metalworking and electrical industries. The CoBall mill’s unusually narrow milling chamber is filled between 50 and 80 percent full of beads. Its milling power is high in relation to the very small chamber, and the grinding energy input can be as much as 8 kW/dm3. Particle sizes on the nanoscale and extremely homogeneous results are possible. Due to the conical geometry of the rotor-stator tool, the CoBall mill inputs the milling forces directly into the product, so that the necessary residence time in the milling chamber is significantly reduced.

Despite the high energy input, the process temperature can be precisely controlled because the mill has a very efficient heat-exchange surface. Cooling ducts in the rotor, stator and mill cover prevent the product from overheating. The mill is also easy to clean, owing to the small volume of the milling chamber. Practically no residues adhere to the interior if the product is changed. The gentle acceleration of the beads and the wear-resistant coating of the process tool guarantee excellent results and high product quality.

FrymaKoruma’s technology is on display in Hall 5, Stand 5-108.