Myriant anticipates a significant level of interest in its product offerings, which incorporate bio-based chemicals that are sustainable, economical, drop-in replacements and substitutes for petroleum-based chemicals, resulting in a wide range of products from polyurethanes to coalescing solvents. The company is showcasing these products at Stand 1-626.

The company is featuring Myrifilm, a bio-based ultra-low-odor, broad-spectrum coalescing solvent. Being zero-VOC, Myrifilm provides the formulation flexibility needed to meet increasingly stringent environmental compliance regulations. Myrifilm can be used in a wide variety of resin systems, and with its exceptionally high efficiency enables lower use levels in some formulations, resulting in lower cost.

 Myriant is also featuring a bio-succinic acid building block for polyurethanes, which can replace the adipic acid commonly used in making polyester polyols. It offers a high-performance, cost-competitive, renewable alternative that can be dropped into your production process for a wide variety of polyurethanes.