Nordson inbody

Nordson Corp. introduces new Encore Porcelain Enamel (PE) Guns and Encore PE Pump to improve operating efficiency in porcelain enamel coating operations. Encore PE Guns are available in manual and automatic configurations. Both feature a 100 kV voltage multiplier, assuring maximum first-pass transfer efficiency. For the Encore PE manual gun, this is a significant increase compared to previous-generation guns. In addition, a new, positively retained deflector and locking pattern adjustment sleeve ensures consistent, repeatable spray performance. The addition of electrode air wash in the Encore design helps keep the gun charging electrode clean. This maintains maximum electrostatic charging efficiency.

The new Encore PE Pump delivers up to 30 percent more powder at comparable compressed air settings (or comparable output at significantly reduced settings) compared to its predecessor, the Nordson 100 Plus PE pump. In typical high-gun-count porcelain-enamel powder coating operations, this improved efficiency translates to substantial savings in compressed air consumption.

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