NAPLES, FL -- Industrial Nanotech Inc., an emerging global leader in sustainable nanotechnology-based energy-saving solutions, has recently received an initial order of 3300 gallons of Nansulate Crystal for a large project. The retail value of the initial order is $280,335, and this is the first of five similar-size orders planned for a commercial building renovation. The company anticipates that all five orders, totaling over 15,000 gallons and $1,400,000 in retail value, will be filled over the next 12 months.

Nansulate Crystal is the company’s unique clear roof coating that provides increased thermal insulation to lower heating and cooling costs, and protects against UV rays to reduce color fading and UV degradation of roofing materials. It is also mold, mildew and bacterial growth resistant. It is suitable for concrete roof tile, clay roof tile, slate, asphalt shingles, wood shingles and metal roofs, where it also provides corrosion resistance.

Francesca Crolley, V.P. of Business Development for Industrial Nanotech, Inc. stated, “The project is the renovation of five commercial buildings, each with similar dimensions. The initial order is for the first of the five buildings being renovated, and the customer has set a delivery date for the end of this current quarter. We anticipate that this project and these orders will continue over the next 12 months.”