CLEVELAND - NSL Analytical Services Inc. has added new equipment that strengthens the company’s particle size measuring service capabilities. Malvern Instruments’ Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle sizing instrument increases NSL Analytical's capacity to deliver trustworthy analytical testing results in a timely manner.

This new instrument enables the company's analysts to measure particle sizes from 10 nanometers to 3.5 millimeters with better than one percent accuracy. The new particle size analyzer gives NSL Analytical the ability to evaluate powder samples, emulsions, and suspensions, and can use different dispersion liquids. Furthermore, this new piece of equipment provides NSL Analytical with the capability to measure dry samples without dispersing them in a liquid. Repeatability is better than 0.5 percent, and reproducibility is better than one percent. Applications include measuring the particle size distribution of pigments and materials used in optical coatings, electronic devices, solar cells, wear-resistant coatings and medical devices.