The PCI 25

Following is a ranking of the top 25 North American coatings manufacturers in 2012.

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1. PPG Industries Inc. 


Coatings Sales: Approx. $11.28 billion

2. The Sherwin-Williams Co. 


Coatings Sales: Approx. $7.15 billion

3. DuPont Performance Coatings (now Axalta Coating Systems)  

Wilmington, DE

Coatings Sales: $4.2 billion

4. The Valspar Corp. 


Coatings Sales: $3.8 billion

5. RPM International Inc. 

Medina, OH

Coatings Sales: $2.7 billion (for fiscal year ended May 31, 2012)

6. Behr Process Corp. 

Santa Ana, CA

CEO/President: Jeff Filley  

Coatings Sales: Approx. $1.82 billion

Masco’s Decorative Architectural Products segment includes Behr Process Corp. and Masterchem Industries LLC. A leader in the DIY market with The Home Depot, Behr also provides Behr Premium Select paint for professional application through Masco Contractor Services. Masterchem Industries sells under the brand names of Kilz®, Casual Colors®, Expressions®, Hammerite® and others. These brands are sold through big-box stores, national retailers, paint and hardware stores, and distributors. Behr manufactures paints, decorative finishes, primers, stains and surface preparation products, which are sold exclusively at The Home Depot.

Parent Company: Masco Corp. 

Source: Masco Corp. SEC filing 

Notes: In 2012, Behr Paints introduced the next generation of Premium Plus® Interior Paint, BEHR Premium Plus self-priming, zero-VOC and low-odor interior paint, which now seals previously painted and uncoated surfaces without the use of a separate primer.

7. Comex Group

Mexico City

CEO: Marcos Achar

Coatings Sales: $1.48 billion 

Comex Group was formed with the consolidation of Comex, Color Wheel, Frazee, General Paint, Kwal, Parker and Duckback. The company manufactures and sells architectural and industrial coatings in Mexico through 3,300 points of sale operated by 750 concessionaires. In the United States, Comex sells paint and coatings products under a variety of brand names through 240 company-operated paint stores. In Canada, the company markets multiple brands of coatings through 78 company-operated paint stores and approximately 1,500 independent paint dealers. In addition to architectural paints, Comex manufactures industrial coatings, roof coatings, wood-care products and aerosols.

Source: Company contact, press releases

Notes: In 2012, Comex acquired Krhal Powder Coatings in Northern Mexico. In November 2012, The Sherwin-Williams Co., Cleveland, signed a definitive agreement to acquire Consorcio Comex, S.A. de C.V. for approximately $2.34 billion.

8. Benjamin Moore & Co. 

Montvale, NJ

CEO: Robert S. (Bob) Merritt

Coatings Sales: Not reported (ranking based on PCI estimate)

Benjamin Moore & Co. is primarily a North American paint company. Its products are sold nationally through independent paint stores. It specializes in architectural coatings with some industrial maintenance coatings. The company has a small amount of sales overseas. 

Parent Company: Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 

Source: Company Web site

Notes: In April 2013, Benjamin Moore repeated its ranking for the third consecutive year as highest in customer satisfaction with interior paint in the J.D. Power and Associates Interior Paint Satisfaction StudySM.

9. Ennis-Flint

Thomasville, NC

Chairman: Bryce Anderson

Coatings Sales: Approx. $490 million

Ennis-Flint is a premier manufacturer of pavement markings and traffic safety products. Ennis Paint merged with Flint Trading in March 2012 to form Ennis-Flint. During 2012, the company opened a sales office in China, making that location the 12th country where Ennis-Flint has a physical presence.

Source: Company contact

10. Dunn-Edwards Corp.

Los Angeles, CA

President/CEO: Karl Altergott

Coatings Sales: Not reported (ranking based on PCI estimate)

Dunn-Edwards operates 111 stores in five western states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas. It is a manufacturer and supplier of architectural and industrial coatings, providing a complete line of paints and professional painting supplies. The company caters to architects, designers, painting contractors, homebuilders and property managers in the Southwest. It also serves do-it-yourselfers, although professionals account for a majority of sales.

Source: Company Web site, press releases, company contact

Notes: Dunn-Edwards introduced a new line of interior, low-odor, zero-VOC paint called SPARTAZERO. These new premium interior paints are ideal for use in residential and commercial projects, schools, hospitals or any application where low-odor products are preferred. SPARTAZERO is available in flat, velvet, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes, in a range of tint bases.

11. TIGER Drylac U.S.A., Inc.

St. Charles, IL

CEO: Larry McNeely

Coatings Sales: $287 million

TIGER is ranked the fifth-largest powder manufacturer in the world, with global sales of over $287 million and over than 1,000 employees. It offers the largest selection of powder coatings in every type of chemistry, serving, among others, the architectural, automotive, retail environment, lighting and furniture industries. The U.S. operations were established in 1984. Today, the company ships from six strategic distribution centers. The company’s North American production network includes two facilities in the United States, located in California and Illinois.

Source: Company contact

12. Kelly-Moore Paint Co., Inc.

San Carlos, CA

President/CEO:  Steve DeVoe

Coatings Sales: Approx. $255 million

Kelly-Moore is one of the largest employee-owned paint companies in the United States. The company is known in the industry as the “Painter’s Paint Store” for its high-quality products, fair prices and exceptional customer service. Kelly-Moore operates over 145 -company-owned stores in Arkansas, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oklahoma and Texas. 

Source: Company contact, press releases, company Web site

13. Cloverdale Paint Inc. 

Surrey B.C., Canada

CEO: C.A. (Al) Mordy 

Rodda Paint Co.
Portland, OR

COO: Bill Boone  

Coatings Sales: $239 million (combined)

Cloverdale Paint Inc. and its subsidiaries, Rodda Paint Co., Fargo Paint & Chemicals Inc., Guertin Coatings, Sealants & Polymers Ltd., and Serif Coatings & Chemical, operate through 112 corporate-owned locations covering western Canada as well as Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska. The companies manufacture architectural paint, and industrial and marine coatings along with certain powder coatings, specialty resins and sealant products. Combined markets include sales to a wide variety of professional, commercial, residential, industrial, marine, private-label and DIY customers, as well as a network supporting Cloverdale Paint and Rodda Paint independent dealers throughout the Pacific Northwest region. 

Source: Company contact, company Web site

14. Nippon Paint U.S. Subsidiaries

Coatings Sales: $230 million (combined)
NB Coatings Inc.
Lansing, IL

CEO: Hidefumi Morita

A subsidiary of Nippon Paint Co., NB Coatings is the leading supplier of liquid coatings for plastic automotive parts in North America. It provides a complete line of custom OEM coatings for automotive fascia, exterior trim, interior trim and lens applications.

It supplies all major OEMs, from domestic (GM, Ford, and Chrysler) to transplant (Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Hyundai), as well as their tiers.

NPA Coatings Inc.


CEO: Hidefumi Morita

NPA Coatings manufactures and sells powder coatings, automotive body coatings, pretreatment chemicals and transit film to customers in the general industrial and automotive markets.

Source: Company contact

15. Whitford Corp. 

Elverson, PA

President: David P. Willis, Jr.

Coatings Sales: $190+ million

Founded in 1969, Whitford Corp. has dedicated itself to fluoropolymer coatings for the industrial and consumer markets, later expanding to rubber, textiles, rope and cordage, and other markets. Whitford’s first international venture took place in 1971 with the opening of Whitford Plastics Ltd. in the north of England. Current products include Xylan®, Xylac®, Dykor®, Xylar®, Ultralon®, Excalibur®, Eterna®, HALO®, Eclipse®, QuanTanium®, Quantum2®, Fusion®, PFA+ and others. Whitford has global manufacturing facilities, including sites in Brazil, Canada, Italy, the UK, India, China, Singapore and Elverson, PA. With the acquisition of Polymeric Systems Inc. in mid-2004, its portfolio expanded to include a wide variety of adhesive and sealant products. In 2006, Whitford purchased Alpha, a leading manufacturer of specialty coatings for the automotive industry. In 2009, Whitford acquired AkzoNobel Nonstick Coatings.

Source: Company Web site, company contact

Notes: In January 2011, Whitford purchased HP Polymers, a leading Canadian manufacturer of a variety of polymer resins. In April 2011, the company opened its ninth factory in Bangalore, India. Manufacturing at the site concentrates primarily on coatings for consumer products, along with a few specialized industrial applications.

16. Quest Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

Charleston, SC

President/CEO: Doug Mattscheck

Coatings Sales: $160 million+

Quest Specialty Chemicals is funded through private equity by the Audax Group, located in Boston, MA, and Moelis Capital Partners, located in New York. The company acquires and builds specialty chemical companies in the coatings arena. It is organized into three operating divisions focusing on automotive refinish, industrial and construction coatings. The key product brands include: Matrix System automotive finishes; Raabe paints and coatings; Patriot industrial and Zolatone automotive, industrial and marine coatings; United coatings; HydroStop roofing systems and Streetbond asphalt repair coatings.

Quest Construction Products offers a line of protective coatings for a wide range of architectural, industrial and roofing applications. Quest Automotive Products is an independent manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket automotive refinish paint products, marketing paints, primers, clearcoats, hardeners and solvents. Quest Industrial Products manufactures custom-matched branded touchup paint, and provides private-label aerosol and liquid paint filling services, as well as specialty industrial coatings.

Source: Company contact, company Web site

17. Vogel Paint, Inc.

Orange City, IA
712/737. 8880

President/CEO: Drew F. Vogel

Coatings Sales: $160 million

Vogel Paints was established in 1926 as a manufacturer of barn paints and creamery maintenance enamels. It entered the liquid industrial coatings market in the 1950s, and in the 1970s began to build a fleet of company stores selling architectural paints and heavy-duty maintenance coatings. The company formed the Peridium powder coatings division in 1998, and built a new powder coatings production facility in 2003.

Today, the company operates over 65 company stores and seven manufacturing plants and distribution centers in 13 states. It markets under the principal brand names of Diamond Vogel Paints, Old Masters Decorative Wood Finishes, Vogel Industrial Coatings, Peridium Powder Coatings and Van Sickle Paints. 

Source: Company contact

Notes: In May 2011, Diamond Vogel announced a partnership with Sciessent, creator of the silver-based antimicrobial brand, Agion, to offer with the Peridium Powder Coatings line. The new Peridium line brings the quality and durability that industrial customers have found synonymous with the Vogel name with the added benefit of Agion antimicrobial product protection. In 2012, the company announced plans to expand its Peridium Powder Coatings plant, with completion projected in the spring of 2013. In 2011 the company acquired Fasse Paint and Coatings, Sheboygan Falls, WI, a distributor and manufacturer of industrial wood coatings and stains.

18. Yenkin-Majestic Paint Corp.

Columbus, OH

President: Jonathan M. Petuchowski

COO: Andrew O. Smith

Coatings Sales: $135 million

Yenkin-Majestic is a vertically integrated manufacturer of coatings and resins. Its full line of architectural paints includes interior and exterior products and a variety of specialties, including a complete farm program, low-VOC oil-based floor paints and a unique acrylic enamel line (Diamond Hard). Its industrial division manufactures waterborne and solventborne products, including urethanes, epoxies and polyesters. 

Source: Company contact

19. Tnemec Co., Inc. 

Kansas City, MO

CEO/President: Peter Cortelyou 

Coating Sales: $128 million

Tnemec Co. manufactures more than 100 architectural and industrial coatings, from premium epoxies and polyurethanes to specialized fluoropolymer products, formulated specifically for extreme durability, enduring performance and enhanced aesthetics. Tnemec is a leading supplier of high-performance coatings for water tanks, treatment plants and industrial facilities. Tnemec’s StrataShield brand consists of resinous floor and wall coatings. The company’s Chemprobe division offers water-repellant and stain products for concrete, masonry and wood.

Source: Company contact

20. Ace Hardware Corp.

Oakbrook, IL

CEO/President: Ray A. Griffith

Chairman of the Board: Dave Ziegler

Coatings Sales: $124.6 million

Ace Hardware is the largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative in the industry. Ace manufactures a full assortment of paints, stains, primers and light-industrial products. All Ace Paint-branded products are produced in two facilities that are located in the south suburbs of Chicago, IL, and are ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management) certified.

Source: Company contact, press release

Notes: In January 2013, the company announced partnership with Valspar, wherein Valspar has acquired Ace’s paint manufacturing assets. Under terms of the agreement, Valspar will manufacture and supply Ace-branded paint products as well as make a comprehensive line of Valspar-branded paints available to more than 4,000 Ace retail locations in the United States.


St. Louis, MO

CEO/President: Susan W. Graham

Coatings Sales: $100 million

ELANTAS PDG Inc. is a premier supplier of specialty polymers for the electrical and electronic industries. The key products of ELANTAS PDG include magnet wire enamel, insulating varnishes and encapsulating resins. It also produces tubing and sleeving varnishes, pultrusion resins, laminating resins, adhesives, and conformal coatings.

Parent Company: ALTANA AG, of Germany

Source: Company Web site, press releases, company contact

22. Hentzen Coatings Inc.

Milwaukee, WI

CEO/President: Albert Hentzen 

Coatings Sales: $90-$100 million

Hentzen Coatings, founded in 1923, is a developer of advanced-technology coatings for the industrial OEM, aerospace and military markets. The company markets a wide range of industrial coatings, including waterborne, solvent-reducible and powder coatings. 

Source: Company contact

Notes: In March of this year, Hentzen purchased the assets of CrossLink Powder Coatings of Clearwater, FL. In business since 1996, CrossLink produces and sells powder coatings for the general industrial and architectural market segments. The acquisition adds to Hentzen’s rapidly growing powder coatings business and is in line with the company’s growth strategy in the industrial coatings market.

23. California Products Corp.

Andover, MA

CEO/President: Peter Longo

Executive Vice President California Paints: Dan Cohen

Vice President Storm System: Mike Gramke

Coatings Sales: $90 million

California Paints manufactures coatings for architectural consumers and contractors under the brand names California Paints and California Performance Coatings. California Products Corp. produces interior and exterior architectural paints, and light industrial and recreational surface coatings.

Source: Company contact, Web site

Notes: In 2012, California Products Corp. launched Storm System, a new division of exterior stains and finishes. In August 2009, California Products Corp. acquired the customer base and certain assets of Progress Paint Manufacturing Co., including Gray Seal®, Fixall®, Duralux® Marine and other associated lines.

24. Vista Paints  

Fullerton, CA

CEO/President: Eddie Fischer  

Coatings Sales: $85 -$110 million 

Vista Paints, founded in 1960, is a manufacturer of high-quality paints and coatings for the architectural and industrial-maintenance markets for sale through company-owned stores throughout California and Nevada. Its customers include the professional painter and the DIY consumer. The stores supply wallpaper, window coverings and related painting supplies in addition to paint. 

Source: Company contact

25. True Value Company


President/CEO: John R. Hartmann

Coatings Sales: Approx. $80 million

True Value Co. manufactures exclusive paint brands for its retail identities and third-party accounts. Paint is manufactured under the EasyCare and Weatherall brands in Cary, IL, and distributed nationally to its core hardware stores. True Value Company, headquartered in Chicago, is one of the world’s largest retailer-owned hardware cooperatives with gross billings of $1.9 billion and revenue of $1.4 billion in 2012. The True Value cooperative includes approximately 4,500 independent retailer locations worldwide operating under the store identities of True Value, Grand Rental Station, Taylor Rental, Party Central, Home & Garden Showplace and Induserve Supply. 

Source: True Value Corporate Communications Department



Gemini Industries

El Reno, OK

CEO/President: David Warren

Coatings Sales: $48 million

Founded in 1964, Gemini Industries is an employee-owned company that manufactures and distributes an extensive line of coatings, aerosol products and touchup materials for the architectural wood finishing market. A sophisticated line of high-performance coatings for cabinet makers, furniture finishers and refinishes represents 50 percent of sales. It also manufactures a line of EPA-registered wood preservatives and related products for use on exterior decks, siding and fences. Gemini has five plants and distribution facilities that provide nationwide service.

Parent Company: Gemini Industries

Source: Company contact

Sun Paint & Coatings

Tampa, FL

President: Michael Hyer

Coatings Sales: $38 million

Sun Paints and Coatings is a family owned company that has produced an array of architectural and light industrial coatings since 1971. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, the company’s products are distributed nationally and globally through private-label partners, a vast network of dealers, and direct to contractors and the public through the company’s own chain of Sun Paints and Coatings stores. The company operates three plants – two in Tampa and one in Phoenix. Sun prides itself on being on the forefront of coatings technology by investing heavily in research and development. It’s architectural products range from floor to roof coatings and everything in between.

Source: Company contact, company Web site

Farrell-Calhoun Inc.

Memphis, TN

President: John A. Ward Jr.

VP Sales and Marketing: Anthony Ward

Coatings Sales: $34 million

Farrell-Calhoun manufactures architectural and industrial maintenance coatings. The company has distribution throughout the Mid-South and Southeast through 32 company-owned stores and a network of 100 dealers.

Source: Company contact

The Muralo Co. Inc.

Bayonne, NJ

President: James S. Norton

Coatings Sales: $15 million

Muralo manufactures a line of architectural coatings sold through independent paint stores. With manufacturing located across the United States, Muralo can supply its customers nationally. Muralo also offers Spackle® spackling compound and brush, patch and repair products.

Subsidiaries: Elder and Jenks Inc., Synkoloid, and Graham Paint and Varnish Co.

Source: Company contact

FORTECH Products Inc.

Brighton, MI

President: Creighton E. Forester

Coating Sales: $12 million

FORTECH Products Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of various OEM-approved high-heat, corrosion-resistant, chip-resistant water-based coatings for the automotive, agricultural, recreational-vehicle and allied industries. Coating products include TechKote WA 2935 and TechKote WA 2951 (first, second and third generation), water-based, high-heat, corrosion-resistant coating; WA 2975 water-based chip-resistant coating; and TechKote WE 2000 water-based, heat-resistant protective epoxy coating. 

Source: Company contact