CONSHOHOCKEN, PA - In an effort to better serve its coatings and ink customers, Van Horn, Metz & Co. Inc. (VHM) has added a high-quality radcure (UV/EB) product line to its portfolio, WINCURE UV/EB Monomers and Oligomers.

Formulations based on Wincure products offer high production rates, high and consistent coating quality, reduced reject rates, improved scratch and solvent resistance, and superior bonding. UV/EB curing processes are very energy efficient, and formulations are characterized by low VOC.  

VHM will be offering acrylate raw materials: oligomers and monomers. The initial portfolio will consist of a basic epoxy acrylate (EA), EA/monomer blends, HDDA, TMPTA, TPGDA, and TMP(EO)3TA, all of which are used extensively in graphic arts, wood and industrial coatings.

Following this launch, VHM has plans to bring a more complete line of the oligomers to the market including specialty EA, urethane acrylates and polyester acrylates. The monomer line will also be expanded to include more low-irritation products.