The Chemical Coaters Association International has just released the sixth edition of its training manual, “Powder Coating for Industrial Finishing Applications.” The 208-page manual has been completely revised with new color graphics and photos, several new chapters, and a rewritten glossary. It serves as a guide to operating a powder coating system and managing the process for efficiency and profit, with emphasis on practical issues affecting daily operations.

Under the guidance of Editor Jim Gallagher of Harley Davidson, CCAI corporate members contributed new content in every section of the manual, which includes 14 chapters that cover “What Is Powder Coating,” “Powder Materials,” “Cleaning and Pretreatment Prior to Powder Coating,” “Substrates for Powder Coating,” “Powder Coating Application Equipment,” “Powder Spray Booths and Recovery Equipment,” “Ovens,” “Moving Parts through the Powder Coat Process,” “Air Management,” “Powder Coating Removal and Re-Work,” “Cost Analysis,” and “Troubleshooting.” The edition includes two new chapters: “Powder Coating Test Methods for Performance” and “Preventative Maintenance.” 

To order the manual, visit CCAI’s website at and click on the Education tab, then scroll down to Training Manuals.