SOUTHBURY, CT - Artek Surfin and Aterian Investment Partners, currently joint owners of Galata Chemicals, Southbury, CT, have reached a definitive agreement whereby Artek Surfin will acquire Aterian’s shares in Galata Chemicals. The transaction is expected to close in March. The company will continue to operate as it does today with the current organization in place.

“Over the past four years, Aterian and Artek have successfully partnered with the Galata Chemicals organization to build a leader in PVC additives with a global footprint and an expanded portfolio of innovative products,” said Steven McKeown, President and COO of Galata Chemicals. “We are thankful for Aterian’s significant contribution to the turnaround and growth of Galata Chemicals and look forward to continue to partner with Artek as we enter the next phase of our growth strategy.”

Galata Chemicals produces plastics additives including mixed metal heat stabilizers, organotin heat stabilizers, epoxidized soybean oil, polymer modifiers, tin catalysts and bio-based plasticizers.

Artek Surfin Chemicals and its group company Sterling Auxiliaries are one of the largest specialty chemical companies in India, focusing on surfactants, alkyl alkanol amines, textile chemicals, metal finishing and other specialty chemical sectors. Artek has substantial experience developing and operating chemical plants and distributing and marketing specialty chemical products internationally.