SAINT-PRIEST, France - Vencorex announced it is converting chlorine production at its Pont-de-Claix, France, chemical site. The new chlorine production unit, based on membrane technology, will be ready to operate in 2016 with a capacity of 110 KT per year of chlorine.

“An integrated, reliable and competitive chlorine production will enable us to improve performance of our operations at the Pont de Claix site. This investment underlines our commitment to Vencorex´s long-term strategy,” said Vencorex CEO Magnus Lanner.

This investment aims to improve safety within the framework of a Technology Risk Prevention plan; support the development of the Pont-de-Claix site toward performance isocyanates (polyurethane chemistry), with a sustainable and competitive integrated chlorine supply; and strengthen the position of Chlor Alkali business in the market by enhancing quality and competitiveness of these products.