I’m not sure how many of our readers are aware that in addition to the technical articles that are included in every issue of PCI (eight of them this month), we also publish several additional articles on our website every month. These are listed on our Table of Contents page under Online Features, with links that take you directly to each article.

These articles are typically more market-focused, and cover finished coatings, case studies, application/end-user technology or more fringe topics. We have a variety of interesting online articles this month, including one written by Mark Dorn, President of Henkel Asia-Pacific and Head of Adhesive Technologies Asia-Pacific, on megatrends such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and the convergence of digitalization and sustainability that are creating value for the adhesives industry. In reading this article it is easy to see that many of the emerging opportunities with these trends also apply to the coatings and chemicals industries.

An article by Dürr introduces an innovative, patent-pending automotive paint booth concept that realizes possibilities scarcely thought possible from a technical point of view up to now. In order to save resources, the concept combines up to three painting processes – the interior and the two exterior applications – in a single booth. Up to eight painting robots assisted by four Scara robots for opening the doors apply the paint to the car body – both inside and outside. 

Our article on color psychology recognizes the challenge coatings manufacturers face when trying to understand why people choose certain colors for certain tasks, and addresses how they can use this information to better name and market their products.

And an application note from CAS DataLoggers discusses how the company’s intelligent data logger helps Northeast Coating Technologies (NCT), a surface treatment company, to produce high-durability metal components including piston rods, axles and more. The data logger is being used to continually monitor NCT’s salt bath area, recording tank temperature from multiple thermocouples and using these readings to trend the run data to prove best practices to customers.

Be sure to check out these online articles – not just this month, but with every issue!