This issue has a wide variety of industry-important features and again emphasizes the focus on lower VOCs through the use of new polymer and additive technology, low-energy curing and environmental concerns. New waterborne and powder polymer technology and radiation curables definitely fall into these categories. Over the past year the trend in technical features is certainly highlighting the global industry move toward safer products, renewable resources, and this concept we call “green”, which needs to be the subject of another discourse.

One thing I want to emphasize in this issue is a paper on coatings and forensic applications. We did this several years ago and had a number of requests to include more features on this topic. Because of space limitations we might have to put some of these in the online-only feature section. Most everyone likes these articles because of the popularity of the hit CSI television series, but also because they are just plain interesting to read.

The feature we included in this issue gives just a very small synopsis of the infamous Green River serial murders, which was highly publicized. We can do more of these if we get positive reader response. From my perspective – having spent dozens of years involved in this – most people in the industry do not realize the role that a coating often plays in various crime scenes. The obvious are the hit-and-run cases, but the not so obvious are rather prevalent as well. Burglaries, rapes, murders and bombings – from the Unibomber to Oklahoma City and the World Trade Center – all may and often will involve paint to some degree and can often provide a valuable or decisive problem-solving confirmation piece.

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