NORMAN, OK - Tesla Nanocoatings is expanding production of its Teslan® brand of nanocoatings, a corrosion-resistant coating for structural steel, produced with SMW™ specialty multi-wall carbon nanotubes developed by SouthWest NanoTechnologies (SWeNT).

Tesla NanoCoatings manufactures Teslan Carbon NanoCoating, a highly conductive, tough and flexible two-coat system that replaces the traditional three-coat systems used extensively for steel corrosion protection. Teslan is being adopted in a wide range of industries including oil and gas, military, petrochemical, and transportation.

"Following several years of testing, we made a strategic decision to provide our customers with the best possible solution, which was clearly SWeNTs product offering," said Todd Hawkins, President and CEO, Tesla NanoCoatings. "Teslan coatings with SWeNTs CNTs offer unequaled corrosion control and extend coat life cycle, providing cost savings and increasing safety. This is extremely important in protection of steel infrastructure including fuel tanks, pipelines, water towers and bridges as well as vehicles."

"We're excited about this commercial opportunity for our SMW210 product that has resulted from our collaborative relationship with Tesla NanoCoatings," said Dave Arthur, CEO of SWeNT. "If Teslan customer programs continue to go as expected, we believe that this could become a very profitable partnership for both companies for several years to come."