ChinaCoat visitors were introduced to a range of high-performance organic and metallic pigments, preparations and high-functionality resins and additives from Sun Chemical Performance Pigments and its parent company, DIC.

The company introduced its new fine-particle-size aluminum flakes in the Benda-Lutz® MAXAL EC range. The two new products offer a high level of brightness unusual for their small size, while providing the same stain resistance offered by the line’s EC encapsulation technology. These products find application in coatings for automotive parts and accessories, and outdoor architectural coatings in powder and liquid paints.

For mirror-like coatings, Benda-Lutz SPLENDAL offers four unique microscopically thin aluminum platelet suspensions produced via physical vapor deposition. These vacuum metallized pigments range from a brilliant clean white to intense dark chrome reflections and are available in multiple solvents for almost every coating application. The SPLENDAL pigment range finds widespread application for premium consumer electronics, automotive interiors and automotive wheels.

Sun Chemical also showcased its SunFast® and Sunbrite® organic pigment lines for general industrial and architectural coatings. These pigments represent a range of indexes in the yellow, blue, green and red color space. They are easy to disperse and have a strong balance of performance, high color strength, stability and lightfastness attributes.

 For stir-in pigments, Predisol®CAB pigment preparations provide maximum color intensity, cleaner hues and extreme transparency of the base pigment. Visit