Sun Chemical and its parent company, DIC, have come together as one company at Stand 4-452 to explain how its product families of pigments and resins can be used together to create coatings for a full range of applications in the automotive, architectural, plastic and industrial industries.

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments is showcasing its portfolio of effect, high-performance and classical pigments and preparations, including its Benda-Lutz® SPLENDALfor plastic automotive interiors, Benda-Lutz MAXAL ECfor extra-durable architectural coatings, and Sunsperse® ECOdispersions for industrial finishes.

DIC is also on hand to show how combining Sun Chemical’s pigment capabilities with its high-functionality resins and additives, including BURNOCK® acrylics polyurethane resins, CERANATE® polysiloxane-acrylic hybrids, and MEGAFACEadditives, can provide key ingredients needed for superior coatings products.

Aluminum Flakes and Resins Combine to Produce Exterior Architectural Coatings

Sun Chemical is introducing new fine particle-sized aluminum flakes to its Benda-Lutz MAXAL ECline-up. The two new products offer a superior level of brightness that is unusual for their small size, while providing the same stain resistance offered by the line’s EC encapsulation technology.

Benda-Lutz MAXAL ECencapsulated pastes add enhanced gassing stability in waterborne paint and provide resistance to alkali and acid staining without impacting the optical properties of the base aluminum flake for a wide variety of applications including the coating of automotive parts and accessories and outdoor architectural coatings in powder and liquid paints.

When MAXAL EC is used together with DIC’s CERANATEpolysiloxane-acrylic hybrid resins, coatings formulators produce an exceptionally durable, stain-resistant and self-cleaning coating. CERANTE waterborne resins can be ambient cured with the DIC WATERSOL curing agent to produce clear or pigmented finishes with the same weather stability of fluoropolymer chemistries. In addition, CERANTE coatings are self-cleaning and highly stain resistant, making them ideal for high-volume, low-maintenance applications ranging from outdoor living spaces to aluminum cladding and commercial buildings.

Sunsperse ECO Dispersions and SunMica® Exterior for Industrial Finishes

Sun Chemical is expanding its zero-VOC and APEO-free Sunsperse ECO waterborne dispersion line with the addition of transparent red and yellow iron oxides. The dispersions stand out from the competition with their high color purity, clarity and reduced haze, making them suitable for a variety of industrial and architectural applications, including waterborne wood stains. As with all Sunsperse ECO products, the oxides possess a wide range of compatibility, stability and non-settling characteristics.

SunMica Exterior XCpigments are also on display at the booth. These pigments consist of thin, natural mineral mica flakes coated with optical layers of titanium dioxide and/or iron dioxide that have been specially treated to promote exceptional outdoor durability. Available in all major colors, including six particle-size distributions of pearlescent white, SunMica Exterior XC pigments add depth, shimmer and sparkle, providing unlimited styling possibilities.

Self-cleaning and fingerprint-resistant coatings can be formulated using DIC MEGAFACE additives. These unique additives can be formulated into a variety of coatings for a wide range of substrates and applications, including small countertop appliances, refrigerators and kitchen cabinets to impart self-cleaning and fingerprint resistance properties. Unlike conventional anti-graffiti additives, MEGAFACE is also compatible with any high-touch surface.

DIC Highlights FINEPLUS GMA Acrylic Resins and WATERSOL PUD in Metallic Coatings

Used to formulate low- and zero-VOC coatings for metal trim components, DIC FINEPLUS GMA acrylic resins and WATERSOL PU 2404 polyurethane dispersions (PUD) are also on display at the booth.

FINEPLUS GMA resins are additives in powder coatings that produce unprecedented adhesion and dispersion properties in aluminum wheel coatings, body clear coats and metallic finishes. In addition, DIC’s WATERSOL PU 2404 is an aliphatic PUD that features exceptional heat resistance in metallic coatings at a low activation temperature. WATERSOL is also compatible with a broad range of substrates.

Visitors can discover how WATERSOL resins are formulated with 100 percent post-consumer Sunfast® Elastomer Black for environmentally friendly coatings that feature increased performance and adhesion in plastic.

Coatings for Plastic in Automotive Interiors

 Sun Chemical experts are available to discuss coatings for plastic in automotive interiors. Visitors will learn how Benda-Lutz® SPLENDAL vacuum-metalized flakes can be formulated with DIC’s BURNOCK® acrylic and PU resins to produce luxurious finishes for automotive plastics, including new products for highly sought-after soft-touch coatings.