Huntsman Pigments promoted many of its specialty titanium dioxide and color pigments at Chinacoat.  TIOXIDE®TR81 pigment delivers excellent opacity and optical performance for durable industrial coatings that need to provide protective performance and stunning aesthetics in challenging environments. It is specially developed for low-VOC, waterborne and high-solids decorative paint formulations. 

SACHTLEBEN RDO® pigment and HOMBITAN® pigment possess optimized particle size distribution and surface treatments carefully tailored to the pigments’ ultimate uses. The narrow particle size distribution of these pigments assures reliable and consistently good performance in many specialty applications.

Huntsman also promoted its range of inorganic color pigments and pigment dispersions for general-purpose and heavy-duty applications, and for more specialist coatings applications like high-temperature coatings and wood care. SOLAPLEX®, FERRITAN™ and MAPICO®color pigments in yellow, tan and jet black can be used as extenders for costly organics and withstand temperatures exceeding 400 °C. TRANS-OXIDE®pigments are transparent iron oxide pigments, available in red, yellow or brown. DISPERFIN®and TIMBASOL® pigment dispersions for wood are suitable for internal and external use and are compatible with a wide range of solvent- and water-based media.

The ALTIRIS®infrared reflecting pigment and REFLECT™ mixed metal oxide pigment ranges were also featured, both designed to give external “cool” coatings the power to reflect solar energy.