Formulators looking to source inorganic pigments and functional additives that can help deliver a leap forward in paint, coating and ink performance, can visit Huntsman at Stand 7-567. More than 50 members of the Huntsman Pigments & Additives team are in Nürnberg for ECS. Huntsman is promoting the vast spectrum of pigments and additives it has developed for the coatings industry. Products under the spotlight include:

  • ALTIRIS® W400 pigment – a brand new titanium dioxide (TiO2) product with near infrared reflecting capabilities that can improve the thermal stability and durability of white, bright and light colored coatings;
  • SOLAPLEX® yellow and orange inorganic pigments – which provide protection and durability to coating applications and are an environmentally preferable alternative to pigments containing lead, cadmium or chromium;
  • EXKIN® 100 oxime-based anti-skinning agent – a viable alternative to MEKO, which can provide very good performance, without affecting overall coating drying time;
  • TIOXIDE® pigments – various grades for industrial, wood, architectural and low-VOC coatings, as well as carefully controlled grades for ink applications;
  • BLANC FIXE™ high-purity synthetic barium sulfates – produced via a carefully controlled manufacturing process, these products can enable effective titanium dioxide spacing, tailored mechanical properties and improved stability of colored pigments;
  • SACHTOPERSE® synthetic barium sulfates – used in demanding coatings applications, these products can have a range of benefits including excellent weatherability, improved stability of colored pigments and better viscosity control.

A long-term player in the coatings sector, Huntsman has developed an array of products that can help boost the production, processing and performance of coatings used in a variety of applications and industries. Specialist chemistries available through Huntsman include:

  • Rutile, anatase and ultrafine titanium dioxide (TiO2) products to add opacity, whiteness and other physical properties to coating formulations;
  • A kaleidoscope of colored pigments available in powder and liquid form;
  • A range of functional inorganic additives for use with TiO2 and color pigments;
  • Special-effect products for creating coatings with different traits e.g., solar reflectivity.