Electronic and electrical devices used outdoors or near the sea require the use of protective coatings commonly referred to as conformal coatings. However, traditional acrylic, epoxy and polyurethane conformal coatings are not hydrophobic and do not provide adequate protection in heavy moisture and are particularly susceptible to degradation in salt-fog environments. Silicone-based conformal coatings, while hydrophobic to water, allow for very high moisture penetration and are also susceptible to moisture and salt-fog-induced corrosion.

Critical infrastructures such as electrical power stations need protection against corrosion in high-voltage contact points. Electrical switches and other controlling electronics in industrial environments require protective coatings that can withstand direct water immersion and acid-rain-induced degradation. Additionally, outdoor electronics such as those under the hood of automobiles require extended moisture protection during the heat and humidity of summer weather. 

Responding to this pervasive need for conformal coatings, AI Technology (AIT) has launched an improved Prima Protect™ coating line for moisture and salt fog protection. 

Two of these Prima Protect Coatings are CC7090E and CC7130-E. Both products offer extreme moisture, salt fog and even direct immersion protection for electrical contacts, electronic circuits and devices, printed wiring boards, and structures made with metal, wood and plastics. These coatings are molecularly flexible for great adhesion and yet resist abrasion. 

AIT’s coatings have added flexibility to withstand low-temperature cracking, fungicide to provide additional protection in submerged environments, and are non-silicone and electrically insulating so to not interfere with neighboring electronics.

Both CC7090E and CC7130-E are designed to meet all of the IPC CC830 requirements with UV inspection dye and fungus resistance. Additionally, both coatings can be brushed, dipped or sprayed on and are flexible, highly hydrophobic and provide superior protection against corrosion in water, salt water, fog and many other types of environments.