The SpraySmart system from Rust-Oleum consists of a reusable device and disposable paint pouches. The device runs on compression technology to spray the marking paint and has a Smart Electronics system that maintains spray pressure. When fully charged, the device sprays up to 48 paint pouches. The heavy-duty design withstands everyday wear and tear and fits into existing marking paint wands.

The SpraySmart Paint Pouches are custom designed to work with the device and allow for quick color changes. The pouches are made of a clear, durable nylon material that withstands tough handling and allows a user to see the paint color as well as how much paint is left. Each pouch is filled with 10.5 fluid ounces of paint and is designed to fully empty so there is no waste. 

The non-clogging paint tip sprays in any direction, on any substrate and in any weather condition. The fully loaded device is lightweight and weighs the same as a full 20-ounce spray can. Since the paint is propellant free, the pouches are easier to ship with no restrictions and take up less space.