SHANGHAI – BASF’s Coatings division has been awarded the Excellent Supplier 2014: Leading Technology Award by Shanghai General Motors Co. Ltd. (SGM).

As the only coatings supplier to win the annual award, BASF Shanghai Coatings Co. Ltd. stood out from around 4,000 SGM suppliers because of its excellent on-site service and leading technology.

“We appreciate our long-term partnership with BASF. We are impressed by BASF’s timely and efficient on-site service, which supports our business development and sustainability goal,” said Adam Chang, Senior Manager Purchasing Department, Shanghai General Motors Co. Ltd. “With BASF’s innovative coatings technology, we have reduced solvent use and volatile organic compound emissions in our painting lines, achieving a more sustainable car manufacturing process.”

Since 1998, BASF has been a reliable partner to SGM, supplying a full range of automotive coating products, including waterborne coatings and CathoGuard® 800 e-coat. The latest e-coat product line CathoGuard® 800 does not contain tin and is recognized for its low solvent content.

“We are thrilled to have received this annual award. Our account management team, technical team and on-site service team always work closely with our customers to ensure the best operation and performance of our products,” said Dr. Thierry Herning, General Manager, BASF Shanghai Coatings Co. Ltd.

BASF Shanghai Coatings Co. Ltd. is a joint venture between BASF Group and Shanghai Huayi Fine Chemical Co. Ltd., with more than 17 years of successful partnership.