HOUSTON - Advanced Coatings and Fluids will be held May 7-8, 2015 in Houston. The event, a workshop and conference that focuses on coatings and fluids, brings together R&D chemists, engineers, scientists, technology managers, and chemical supply managers involved in the petroleum industry.

Topics to be covered at the event include: smart coatings and stimuli-responsive coatings, corrosion and scaling inhibition, advanced ceramics and metal oxide coatings, chemical additives and inhibitors, new polymer materials for non-metallics, proppant resin coatings for hydraulic fracturing, cement formulation - additives and polymers, nanocomposite and nanofluids formulation, new surfactants for flow assurance and well stimulation fluids, rheology modifiers, and state-of-the-art analytical characterization methods.

Speakers scheduled for the event include Dr. Rich Haut of Environmentally Friendly Drilling Program, HARC, who will speak about environmentally friendly drilling fluids; and Dr. Igor Kosacki of Honeywell Process Solution, who will talk about high-performance ceramic nanocoatings and advanced corrosion testing methods.

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