HOUSTON — Advanced Coatings 2019 will take place May 2-3, 2019 in Houston. The event will cover a range of topics including, the 3D printing and additive manufacturing market; superhydrophobic and anti-fouling coatings and packaging; flexible electronics inks, adhesives and display coatings; controlled-release and self-healing coatings; smart rheology and stimuli-responsive fluids; reverse engineering coatings with pyrolysis GC mass spectroscopy; AFM-IR spectro-microscopy in coatings; and coatings with anti-ballistic and decontamination applications.

This conference is open to both the novice and the highly experienced researcher, connecting commercial applications with interdisciplinary science, new technology platforms and investigative methods. Technical and marketing managers who attend the event value the new knowledge gained from learning about upcoming materials and methods. A tutorial-training component provides opportunities for mastering coatings technology, characterization techniques, and manufacturing in a relatively short time.

For additional information, visit www.advcoatings.org.