SCHAUMBURG, IL – The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has updated and released two documents specific to aluminum:  the combined AAMA 609 & 610-15 “Cleaning and Maintenance Guide for Architecturally Finished Aluminum” and CW-10-15 "Care and Handling of Architectural Aluminum from Shop to Site."

Architecturally finished aluminum is considered any that has been treated with anodic or organic coatings. AAMA 609 & 610-15 spells out methods, equipment and materials applicable for cleaning such finished aluminum after construction and for subsequent periodic maintenance. AAMA CW-10-15 recommends how best to care for aluminum from the mill to product fabrication, to loading and shipping of the finished product, and includes care both prior to, and after, building completion.

According to Neil Chrisman (Spectrum Metal Finishing), chair of the AAMA Aluminum Material Council (AMC) Finishes Committee, a single, but very important, paragraph addressing finish damage to architecturally finished aluminum was added to both of these documents.