OmniCure® AC2 Series UV LED curing system provides a compact addition to the AC Series of UV LED curing solutions. The series supplies outstanding irradiance from LED systems small enough to be included in applications where space constraints restrict access to the substrate and quality cannot be compromised. These small-form-factor, air-cooled products provide excellent curing uniformity and allow for the adjoining of multiple systems to address any length application or working distance. These systems are ideal for applications such as pinning, edge bonding, cable assembly and other small-component assembly.

OmniCure AC275 and OmniCure AC2110 are high-end, compact UV LED systems available in 75mm and 110mm lengths. The AC2 Series features custom optics that reduce the output angle of light while providing higher irradiance and greater flexibility at various working distances, making the AC2 Series a superior choice versus competitive options. The air-cooled product design allows for seamless integration into new or existing production lines, increasing throughput with minimal process interruption and ultimately decreasing costs.