PUTEAUX, France – Safic-Alcan, an international distributor of specialty chemicals, has acquired distribution responsibilities for Michelman’s paper and corrugated coatings from Proman Coatings, a trading division of The Darent Wax Co. in the UK.

Philippe Combette, General Manager of Safic-Alcan, commented, “With this agreement, we are now responsible for all distribution of Michelman’s paper and corrugated coatings in the United Kingdom. This is a landmark in our long-term relationship and continued loyal service and commitment to our global partner. This new distribution business will help strengthen the long-existing business partnership between Safic-Alcan and Michelman.”

The Darent Wax Co., a UK-based distributor and wax manufacturer, had distributed Michleman’s paper and corrugated coatings brands including GlossCoat™, HydraBan®, Michem® Coat and VaporCoat® in the UK. Tony Ward, CEO and founder of Darent Wax, determined that full distribution potential of Michelman’s paper and corrugated coatings would be best realized outside Darent Wax, and worked together with Michelman to transfer distribution to Safic-Alcan.