The FLEXiO® 990 features a direct-feed system for non-stop painting that pulls paint or stain directly from a one- or five-gallon container to the sprayer, making it possible to finish painting projects much faster.

The FLEXiO 990’s iSpray® nozzle technology provides a light texture finish when spraying un-thinned interior and exterior paints. It can be used with latex or oil-based coatings, such as paints, primers, stains, and urethanes. The nozzle can be adjusted to spray horizontal, vertical, narrow and wide patterns, and provides fast, even coverage with low overspray. With a simple click and twist, the FLEXiO 990’s Lock-n-Go™ split-gun design means users can change from one color or type of paint to another on the fly, and it also makes for easy clean-up.

The sprayer is 20 percent lighter than traditional airless sprayers, meaning there’s less fatigue when painting large areas. Features include one-touch set up and hands-free cleaning. In addition, it delivers contractor performance by spraying up to nine gallons per hour and has a flexible hose for two-story reach.

The FLEXiO 990 makes it possible to quickly spray a full and thick coat of paint with minimal overspray, because the exclusive X-Boost® turbine is three-times more powerful than other HVLP sprayers. With complete adjustability and control of air power and material flow, users can dial in the perfect setting for the project type and their working speed.

For smaller projects like painting one wall or finishing trim, the Flexio 990 can be quickly converted from a direct-feed system to a handheld sprayer with the Control Finish nozzle and a cup accessory, which come standard with each unit.