Borchers OM Group (Booth 314) has been an innovator, manufacturer and marketer of a variety of additives for the coatings industry for the past 67 years. Additives include rheology modifiers (Borchi® Gel), wetting and dispersing aids (Borchi Gen), specialized air-release additives, flow and leveling modifiers (Borchi Gol) and a wide range of driers. Borchers is committed to bringing new technologies to the coatings industry in order to meet increasingly more stringent regulations and specific customer needs.

Borchi OXY-Coat is the company’s patented line of curing additives for all types of oxidatively drying, oil-modified coatings. Borchi OXY-Coat products are cobalt free and give excellent performance at low levels. The Borchers range of wetting and dispersing additives includes products for a full range of pigments from the most difficult to disperse pigments, such as carbon black, to the easier pigments such as TiO2. Several products are 100% active and can be used universally in waterborne and solventborne coatings.

Borchers’ line of highly compatible polydimethyl siloxane additives reduce the surface tension of the coating to improve flow, substrate wetting and deaeration. The company’s line of deareation and antifoaming additives help eliminate foam in the production process as well as provide air release in the applied film.

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