Borchers OM Group, a branch of OMG Advanced Organics Business Unit, is an innovator, manufacturer and marketer of a variety of additives for coatings, including rheology modifiers, wetting and dispersing agents, deaeration products, and flow and leveling modifiers.

At Booth 1631, the company is launching four new products, as well as a new Technical Solutions App for both Apple and Android devices. The new products include:

  • Borchi® Gen 1350 – water-based dispersant for transparent oxides for wood and automotive applications;
  • Borchi Gen 1252 – dispersing agent for TiO2 for both water- and solvent-based systems for wood, industrial and architectural applications;
  • Borchi Gol 1375 – a universal substrate wetter for water- and solvent-based clears, pigmented industrial, automotive, wood and architectural applications; and
  • Borchers® AF 1171 – a new universal defoamer and air-release additive for waterborne, solventborne and solvent-free systems. The product finds application in industrial, architectural and automotive coatings, as well as pigment concentrates.