Micro Powders is showcasing new products at Booth 1241. MicroTouch™ is the newest line of additives for soft-touch coatings. These products are easy-to-use additives that can provide a range of feel from “silky smooth,” to a “grippy” or “rubbery” feel. They are effective gloss-control agents that provide a smooth, soft matte appearance. MicroTouch powders provide superior surface protection for producing the most resilient coatings for applications such as interior automotive, electronics, plastic, leather and wood.

PropylMatte 31HD is a high-density polypropylene wax designed to provide efficient gloss reduction and burnish resistance. It will resist flotation in waterborne systems, providing optimal in-can stability.

AquaMatte® 26HD is a finely micronized high-density oxidized polyethylene that imparts uniform gloss reduction, ease of dispersion and optimal in-can stability in waterborne paints. It provides burnish resistance with smooth surface feel in architectural and industrial finishes.

Microspersion® 1406 is an aqueous dispersion of sub-micron spherical PTFE designed to provide a high degree of surface slip and abrasion resistance in waterborne finishes. The sub-micron particles allow for maximum gloss and clarity in thin-film waterborne finishes.