UCT Specialties’ technical experts and regional sales representatives are on hand at Booth 101. Some of the products being highlighted include the Petrarch® line of silicon-based chemicals, as well as PS200 and A0700.

Petrarch products include silanes, silicones and catalysts. Products can help improve lubricity, hydrophobicity, flexibility, hardness, UV resistance, adhesion, sheen, durability and other desired physical properties.

PS200 is a glass coating that can be used for fiber optics, lightbulbs, clinical and laboratory glassware and porcelain ware. A0700 is coupling agent that has uses as a primer coating for epoxies, and with the addition of zinc oxide nanoparticles it has shown enhanced resistance to UV degradation.

From the company’s incorporation in Horsham, PA, in 1986, United Chemical Technologies, Inc. (UCT, Inc.) evolved into a major competitor in the field of silica-based solid phase extraction technology. In October 1993, UCT acquired the specialty chemical branch of Huls America (formerly Petrarch®). This expansion into silane manufacturing allowed for greater control of the chemical processes involved in producing high-quality bonded phases.

 Today UCT, Inc. operates as two distinct divisions. UCT, LLC manufactures chromatographic and sample prep materials for researchers and analytical laboratories. UCT Specialties, LLC manufactures the Petrarch® line of silicon-based chemicals.