Ethox Chemicals is featuring a variety of products at Booth 612, one of which is Ethox 4754, a new natural oil-based dispersant that is effective in dispersing both inorganic and organic pigments into a variety of solvent- and resin-based coating formulations. Its multiple functionalities are effective anchoring groups for a wide variety of pigments. Ethox 4754 has been shown to be especially effective for difficult-to-disperse solar reflective metal oxide pigments in urethane aircraft paint formulations. It is used as the sole dispersant in these formulations where a combination of conventional dispersants is usually required. Panels of urethane topcoats formulated with eight different pigments showed excellent weatherability at 3,000 hours of xenon arc accelerated weathering. Ethox 4754 also contains hydroxyl functionality, which allows the dispersant to crosslink into urethane and melamine-based formulations. The product is currently under evaluation in solvent-based coil, architectural and wood coating formulations.

Other products highlighted at the booth are E-Sperse® RS Series reactive surfactant products, RX Series alkyd emulsifiers, epoxy products EthoFlex ERimpact modifier and corrosion-resistant additive, E-Sperse 704 and E-Sperse 703 epoxy emulsifiers.

 Ed, Chip, Kurt and Jonathan are representing Ethox Chemicalsat the ECS, so be sure to stop by the booth.