Ethox is showcasing its new biobased pigment dispersant, E-Sperse® 4754; the RS Series reactive surfactants for latexes; the RX Series alkyd emulsifiers; E-Sperse FT 600, an open time and freeze/thaw additive; and the property-enhancing epoxy additives EthoxFlex ER®, E-Sperse 703 and E-Sperse 704 at Booth 757.

E-Sperse 4754 can be used with a wide variety of pigments in solvent-based resins. It can be used to disperse reflective pigments for aircraft paint utilizing polyurethane and melamine systems, outperforming all competitive products. Its multiple chemical functionalities allow it to crosslink into these binder systems.

The E-Sperse RS Series is a line of reactive surfactants designed for latex polymerization. Coating properties such as water repellency, adhesion and gloss are greatly improved. In addition, users will see improved latex dispersion stability and lower foaming during polymerization.

The E-Sperse RX Series of reactive emulsifiers make stable, high-solids waterborne emulsions from existing solvent-based alkyds. The RX Series products cure into the alkyd upon drying, giving improved coating hardness and adhesion compared to competitive surfactants. They do not add to VOC, are APE-free and often lower the surfactant usage rate compared to other surfactants.

E-Sperse FT 600 increases the freeze/thaw stability and open time of waterborne coatings products. It can be used in latex, epoxy or alkyd resins. E-Sperse FT 600 is one additive providing two performance enhancements, resulting in a cost reduction and total surfactant loading.

EthoFlex ER improves impact resistance, corrosion resistance, gloss, weathering resistance and adhesion. Ashland claims there is no other additive that gives these improvements without hurting pot life, cure time or increasing VOCs. E-Sperse epoxy additives provide long pot life and short cure times to waterborne epoxy emulsions. The additives increase the stability of epoxy resin emulsions and compatibilize hardeners and epoxies. The epoxy additives also result in improved water resistance.

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