BASF is located at Booth 202 with a cross-functional group from Architectural Coatings, Formulation Additives and Kaolin.

BASF Formulation Additives, a global leading supplier in dispersing agents, surface modifiers, defoamers, rheology modifiers and more, is showcasing its extended range of products designed to help deliver high performance in sustainable formulations. From low to zero VOC and non AEPO, innovations in these formulation additives are proven to show superior rheology, low shear, SAG and leveling in paint formulations.

BASF Architectural Coatings is showcasing a range of products to enable decorative paint manufacturers to deliver a high-performance product. Through its Acronal line, BASF has developed acrylic technologies to help deliver low- to no-VOC formulations with great stain hiding and stain resistance for interior wall and exterior paints

The BASF booth focuses on several important and timely themes for the industry, including Formulation Additives’ new sustainability materials and the overall formulation-based approach to coatings. The booth is equipped with an interactive e-source that allows customers to send themselves as much information as they want without the hassle and waste of paper handouts, and for BASF to ensure sufficient follow up with customers. Other booth highlights include Formulation Additives’ SolutionFinder app within the e-source, and the premiere of Architectural Coatings’ new promotional video.

 BASF is a major sponsor of the Eastern Coatings Show, hosting both the opening reception and sponsoring keynote speakers. The speaker slate features two BASF talks: Kaliappa Ragunathan will be presenting about next-generation exterior coatings, and Ashok Khokhani will be presenting about new high-scrub technology in kaolin.