Visitors to Booth 1505 can explore how BASF chemistry can enhance coatings formulations. BASF is showcasing its technologies and product offerings in three main areas: architectural coatings and furniture and flooring, industrial and agricultural and construction equipment coatings, and automotive coatings. These offerings help customers learn how BASF’s broad portfolio delivers sustainable solutions across the coatings market. The showcase is being enhanced through digital media and product examples that customers can see and touch.

“Our focus at the American Coatings Show is not on individual products, but rather BASF’s ability to deliver versatile, customized solutions to coatings formulators, based on their needs,” said Derek Fairclough, Senior Vice President, Dispersions and Pigments, for BASF in North America. “Our application know-how and our broad portfolio can help our customers to be more successful.”

BASF is highlighting the theme of “Synthesizing our Customers Success” at its booth. “This theme acknowledges that BASF values relationships with our customers and wants to work with them to help them be more successful. Our capabilities among our employees, products and technology that support the coatings industry are broad and diverse. By actively creating solutions together, coatings formulators can leverage the entire portfolio offering available at BASF,” continued Fairclough.

BASF offers the coatings industry a broad portfolio of resins, binders, latex polymers, pigments and effect pigments, colorants, specialty formulation and performance additives and minerals, and systems to meet specific applications and customer needs.

Customers can discuss BASF’s sustainable solution technologies with expert formulators to achieve their requirements for improved environmental performance while addressing needs for:

  • zero- and low-VOC formulations;
  • low-energy curing;
  • replacement of heavy-metal pigments; and
  • latex with minimal environmental impact.

In addition, BASF is launching or highlighting the following products during the show:

Mattex PRO is a patent-pending, engineered, high-performance kaolin-based product designed for use in flat architectural paints. It is uniquely structured to provide high scrub resistance properties and low sheen while maintaining excellent hide. Low sheen and gloss make Mattex PRO ideal for paints that require excellent touch-up properties without the use of flatting agents. Mattex PRO provides formulating flexibility that can replace a combination of calcined kaolin, other extenders and flatting agents while improving scrubs up to 30% and maintaining optical properties.

Acronal PLUS® 4670 is zero-VOC capable, 100%-acrylic latex that delivers superior TiO2 efficiency. It demonstrates superior hiding, tint strength, outstanding blister resistance and scrub resistance.

Acronal PLUS4800 is a styrene-acrylic latex capable of < 50g/L VOC. This economical alternative to straight acrylics does not sacrifice performance, demonstrating high TiO2 efficiency, outstanding block resistance and excellent wet adhesion.

Acronal PLUS4235 is an <50 VOC g/L capable, 100%-acrylic latex that delivers exceptional weathering performance. This latex allows formulators to comply with environmental regulations without sacrificing performance.

Joncryl® 2982 is a concrete sealer and paint in one. Capable of formulation at 50g/L VOC, it demonstrates outstanding adhesion and can be applied directly to concrete.

Joncryl 2981 is a self-crosslinking dispersion especially suited for performance on wood applications such as kitchen cabinetry and furniture. Differentiated in the market for excellent warmth of wood and clarity, it offers outstanding weatherability, chemical resistance and has the ability to disperse titanium dioxide.

Laromer® UA 9064 is a water-based urethane acrylate dispersion with very good chemical and scratch resistance that is fast drying, shows very little yellowing for luxury vinyl tile and laminate substrates, and wood furniture and flooring applications.

Laromer UA 9095 is a water-based urethane acrylate dispersion with high grain enhancement and good chemical resistance. The product also shows low yellowing and fast drying for furniture and cabinet applications.