heubachAs a consequence of its strong focus on R&D work, Heubach has just introduced a full package of new products, which you can learn more about at Booth 1751.

A new and innovative production line for complex inorganic colored pigments has been successfully started up in Germany that combines outstanding productivity and flexibility. This new line enables the production of chrome rutile yellows revealing premium high-tinting-strength pigments. The special feature of these pigments is that they not only show extremely high tint strength, but they exhibit a high level of chromaticity as well. The current focus of Heubach’s R&D department is to ensure the availability of these brilliant pigments on a large scale.

The first product introduced to the market is HEUCODUR® Yellow 2550. It combines multiple outstanding properties in terms of chemical, temperature and weathering resistance with an extremely high tinting strength. It also has a high level of chromaticity and is recommended for formulating durable colours.

HEUCOPHOS® CMP is a new zinc-free addition to Heubach’s well-established anticorrosive pigment line. To date, the performance exhibited by this product has been achieved only by using zinc-containing anticorrosive. This novel non-zinc-metal complex represents a new generation in modern, environmentally friendly technology without compromising the performance of demanding applications. HEUCOPHOS CMP offers:

  • Non-hazardous metal complex based on phosphate;
  • Effective anodic inhibition in solvent and waterborne systems;
  • Easy handling;
  • Cost-effectiveness; and
  • Stability in a broad range of resins.

HEUCOPHOS CMP provides cost-effective universal applicability that so far has not been seen in non-zinc based anticorrosives.

VANADUR® 2108 is a new green shade bismuth vanadate that is the result of development work based on the well-established VANADUR product range. VANADUR 2108 shows extraordinarily high tinting strength and very good hiding power combined with high durability, chroma and dispersibility. The high tinting strength opens a new economical dimension for end users in the formulation of decorative, industrial, powder, coil and automotive coatings. Based on a zinc-free technology, it can significantly contribute to ecological/economic balance of paints.

The new HEUCO®FIT LR is an innovative pigment preparation line offering outstanding color solutions for lead chromate replacement. Six new and highly cost-effective products allowing the direct lead chrome replacement for the most important shades are available. The new HEUCOFIT LR products combine superior hiding power even in full-shade formulations and excellent chroma development.