German manufacturer Hoffman Mineral is featuring premium functional fillers based on Neuburg Siliceous Earth, which is a natural combination of corpuscular, cryptocrystalline and amorphous silica and lamellar kaolinite. The products are well-known in the coatings market under their trade names SILLITIN, SILLIKOLLOID and AKTISIL.

Motivated by the high market demand for white, color-neutral fillers, Hoffmann now offers now three different types of calcined Neuburg Siliceous Earth: Silfit Z 91, Aktifit AMandAktifit VM.

While Silfit Z 91 is an untreated basic product, the surface-coated Aktifit AM comes with an amino, and Aktifit VM with a vinyl, functionality. During curing (hardening) of the paint formulation, the amino groups of AKTIFIT AM react with appropriate functional groups of the binder or build a strong interaction in the form of hydrogen bridge bonds.

Potential application fields for these new products include wood and foil coatings, industrial coatings, coil and powder coatings. The use of these new calcined products as a replacement for TiO2 has been confirmed by some technical application studies.

A further focus at the booth is Aktisil WW, a new product in the classic range of Neuburg Siliceous Earth. It is highly recommended in clear, water-based wood coatings and offers good and fast sandability, improved blocking resistance and – depending on the system – reduced drying time.

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