Lonza now offers a new multi-active blend for use in exterior coatings and related building products. Densil® ZOD™ antimicrobial was developed to address the unique challenges faced by coatings formulators, particularly in humid environments where mold, mildew, algae and other contaminants deface and damage painted surfaces. With key regulatory approvals in place, the new product offers an innovative blend of proven actives that offer broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties and other benefits.

The biocidal blend protects coated surfaces from fungi such as mold and mildew, as well as algae. In addition, the additive is chemically stable, does not affect paint applications (such as viscosity and drying times) and delivers long-lasting film protection. Densil ZOD antimicrobial is also effective on a diverse array of substrates, including wood, stucco and other surfaces.

The concept behind the product is to complement the durable, long-term, controlled-leaching, low-water solubility properties of Zinc Omadine® antimicrobial with a secondary, more water-soluble fungicide.

Densil ZOD has no volatile organic ingredients and is intended for use in paints, wood stains, masonry coatings and joint cements, caulks, sealants, mastics, and stucco and roof coatings. It inhibits the growth of yeast, fungi and algae.

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