air productsAir Products is featuring a number of new epoxy curing agents and surfactants for the coatings industry at this year’s American Coatings Show. Several of the new products are focused on the industrial maintenance segment of the industry. Ancamine® 2748, 2749 and 2764 curing agents all feature high chemical resistance for applications such as tank linings, floorings, marine coatings and other applications. Ancamide® 2652 curing agent provides improved corrosion protection while also enabling long overcoat window primers. Ancamide 2652 is a modified polyamide developed specifically for extended delays between primer and topcoat applications.

The company is also featuring its Amicure® IC-221 and Amicure IC-321 curatives, which are new amine curing agents specifically engineered for use with standard HDI trimer isocyanates, resulting in polycarbamide or aliphatic polyurea coatings designed for industrial and institutional flooring coatings. Both products are designed to deliver sufficient working time to be applied by brush, roll or airless spray equipment while providing very rapid return to service. Performance features include low-temperature cure, low color, excellent UV durability and surface appearance, and zero VOC. Amicure IC-221 curative offers extremely rapid hardness development, while Amicure IC-321 curative allows for rapid hardness development with an extended working time.

Air Products is also highlighting its portfolio of Dynol™ superwettering surfactants. The Dynol superwetters include both siloxane-based and siloxane-free products that provide exceptionally low-dynamic and low-equilibrium surface tensions, and that can aid in film coalescence as well as flow and leveling.

Also featured is the recently introduced Airase® structured siloxane defoamer line (SSDL™ Defoamers) comprising seven siloxane defoamers specifically designed for optimal performance in water-based formulations. These new defoamers have been designed to exhibit predictable performance relative to each other to provide formulators with a structured approach to defoamer selection. The Airase SSDL defoamers are free of hazardous air pollutants and alkylphenol ethoxylates, and do not contribute VOCs to formulations, making them ideal for applications such as coatings, colorants, inks, adhesives and other industrial applications.

For more information on Air Products’ offerings to the coatings industry, stop by Booth 1115.