Debuting at Booth #525 are new emulsion polymers for concrete, masonry, wood, architectural, metal and roofing. Specialty Polymers has been supplying innovative waterborne resins to coatings manufacturers for nearly 50 years. The company’s experienced chemists and dedicated sales team recognize that each customer is unique. It’s their mission to provide the exact polymer to fit the needs of every formulation. And no matter what size your company is, Specialty Polymers is focused on providing the best service and support in the industry.

Some of the new products on display include:

RayCryl 1008

Clear and pigmented concrete sealers formulated with RayCryl 1008 offer outstanding performance and durability in a low-VOC system. This nonyellowing acrylic polymer is easy to formulate into a sealer with better water and blush resistance than one of the most popular commercial sealers available. It also provides excellent resistance to dirt pick-up, hot tire prints (dry and wet) and blocking.

RayVace 692

For alkali resistance of coatings applied to masonry, stucco and concrete, the company has developed RayVace 692. Paints formulated with RayVace 692 exhibit excellent adhesion to cementitious substrates, resistance to efflorescence and common household/garage chemicals, and high Koenig hardness. In a low-VOC formulation, RayVace 692 even gives early water resistance and block resistance.

RayCore 9570

A polyurethane-acrylic core shell hybrid designed for wood coatings, especially paints and stains for kitchen and vanity cabinets. Formulating with RayCore 9570 to low-VOC levels gives a good balance of properties suitable for KCMA coatings. Performance testing of a <50 g/L VOC satin clear wood coating showed exceptional resistances to scratches, KCMA-compliant stain resistance and very good block resistance.

RayKote 2020

Another new hybrid polymer, RayKote 2020 is designed for highly durable primers, topcoats and high-gloss DTM finishes. High-performance, low-VOC industrial coatings formulated with RayKote 2020 exhibit a good balance of corrosion resistance, wet/dry adhesion and exterior durability. Hybrid technology boosts performance of this resin over standard styrene acrylics, and wet adhesion is greatly enhanced compared to three competitor resins tested.

The team of chemists at Specialty Polymers will create a resin to fit your unique needs. Creating a customized polymer tailored to your exact performance needs may take less time than you think. Visit the company’s booth to learn how they can give you the best resin for your unique product formulation. Or visit to learn more about their industrial, architectural, cementitious and other coatings polymers.