Arkema introduced SYNAQUA® 9511, a new performance waterborne binder for use in formulating industrial paints with reduced VOC levels (<150 g/l). SYNAQUA 9511 acrylic polyol emulsion is suitable for both topcoat and monocoat applications and can be applied on a very large variety of substrates, including general metal, plastic, glass, and wood or concrete flooring.

It is a waterborne acrylic polyol emulsion with hydroxyl groups (3% OH) specifically designed for demanding industrial applications that have traditionally required products with significantly higher VOC levels. Coatings made with these binders can help manufacturers to meet key performance targets of durability, gloss, adhesion, and chemical resistance.

Specific application benefits include:

  • On metal (2K PU topcoat): low VOC capability (86 g/l), chemical resistance, durability, and good mechanical properties.
  • On metal (1K stoving topcoat): low VOC capability (100g/l), good hardness, chemical resistance, and low yellowing.
  • On plastic (2K PU topcoat): low VOC capability (85 g/l), good adhesion, high hardness, chemical resistance, and durability.
  • On glass (1K stoving monocoat): low VOC capability (100 g/l), high hardness, good adhesion, water resistance, and chemical resistance.

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