At Booth #854, Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc. (MCP) is introducing new polymer grades with cement compatibility, including Rovene® 6521, Rovene 6525 and Tylac® 4194, which can be used in many challenging coating and membrane applications. BarrierPro® 4551 is the newest styrene-butadiene latex product designed specifically for the liquid-applied membrane market. This product has been built based on the company’s 20-year leadership in this market, due to a strategic acquisition made in 2008. Rovene 4011 is the latest SBR introduced for water-resistant coating applications. MCP is also announcing new technology based on Intellectual Property the company is about to acquire. The portfolio of products and chemistry from this IP will greatly enhance the company’s offering to the paint and coatings industry.

Many of the company’s newly developed products can be found in the Coatings Selection Guide and Construction Selection Guides. In many cases, though, the products are not available for general market use due to the structure of the project. Some of the new products based on the recently acquired IP will be highlighted at the show.

MCP experts understand the challenges that companies are facing when creating the next formulation. The sales and R&D people at MCP work hand-in-hand with formulation chemists, operations staff and purchasing to acquire and/or design synthetic emulsion polymers to meet specific needs identified by a potential customer. By combining a deep understanding of coatings technology, cross-fertilization from other application segments, a strong product portfolio, a broad array of chemistry options, and strategic acquisitions the company can react quickly to changing and demanding requirements.

To discuss these exciting developments, R&D and sales personnel are available for meetings at Booth #854. For consultation in any potential applications, visit MCP’s website,, or contact a sales/marketing professional at 1-877-240-0171.