Evonik’s Tego Group is showcasing a new wetting additive and two new silicone resins for high-temperature applications at Booth 1707.

TEGO® Twin 4200 is the new universal substrate wetting additive for waterborne wood coatings, industrial coatings and printing inks, which can also be used in solventborne and UV-cured applications. It provides outstanding wetting and anti-cratering properties without stabilizing foam. TEGO Twin 4200’s 100% active matter content allows for its use in modern zero-VOC formulations.

SILIKOPHEN® AC 900 and SILIKOPHEN AC 1000 silicone resins were designed for high-temperature applications of industrial objects, muffler coatings and oven coatings. Due to their ambient temperature curing capabilities, these resins permit energy-saving coating application of large objects that would otherwise prove difficult in a traditional bake-cure system. SILIKOPHEN AC 900 is very flexible during heating and cool down. It is also highly compatible with organic resins and shows excellent wetting properties with a wide range of pigments and fillers. Additionally, SILIKOPHEN AC 1000 provides excellent color stability with many pigments.

The consistent growth of Mexico’s coatings industry, coupled with the ever-increasing prevalence of the Spanish speaking population in the United States, created an opportunity for TEGO to broaden its communication efforts with a Spanish version of its website (www.tego.us), which was launched April 1.