UCT Specialties LLC is the manufacturer of the Petrarch® line of chemicals. Product lines include a broad range of silanes, reactive silicones and platinum catalysts. The company’s focus is on high-purity products, as well as smaller batches of uncommon silanes and reactive silicones that cannot be found from many large-scale producers.

Featured at the ACS this year is the PS coatings line. PS200, a water-soluble monomeric octadecyl silane coating, is used to impart a hydrophobic coating to glass and ceramic surfaces. This coating helps reduce breakage, improve lubricity, provide easier surface cleaning and reduce surface polar sites. Other products in the line include PS225, an oxidation and mechanical-resistive coating for resistors and circuit boards, and PS220, a high-temperature phenylsiloxane coating suitable for continuous use at up to 350 °C.

Stop by Booth 623 to speak with one of the company’s technical representatives and learn more.